Brains Work

Thinking back to times before,
Let me say this, as i am sure
When i write this
You should know to
Think fast! Think quick! Be swift!
Check this:
How past times always stick
On what has past and gone.
The thing is what's past and gone is
Gone and past,
Imprinting memories upon your heart
With impressions that vaguely last,
Stirring your emotions
So your feelings you mask,
Leaving you without expressions
Making me have to ask,"Did you know?"
Your brain will ask,"What is the question?
What is the task?"
Are you in tune with your present?
Are you in tune with you past?
You can match them up to the here and now
You can do it without a doubt
You can do it tell or teach yourself how
Help your mind to pass your test
Immaculate brain You are the Best.

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