The tree was once full of life
But as time passed the leaves fell
Branches snapped and tumbled down
The tree began to sway
The pain...the frustration...
Trying to reattach the branches brought agony to the broken tree
But as it continued to try, they continued to fall
The tree then realized its roots were divided
One root continues to bring life to the tree
The other root takes it away
The tree began to suffer and slowly die
It was in a constant fray with its own will
The branches would not grow, the tree remained fighting
But it began to sway back and forth, wanting to fall
Then the sky drew grey...
It began to yell and scream at the sight of the tree
And after a short series of moments, the sky began to mourn
The grey sky saw the tree's pain and suffering
It took it upon itself to care and love for the tree
And after a couple of melancholy seconds
The tree stood fast, alive and began to grow its branches once again.

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