Brand New

I'm not the boy you see in the pictures
I hate it here around all the creatures
This time I'll try my best to be happy
But it seems impossible to have any fun
I walk the halls
I hear the whispers
I see them all
Even the hipsters
I'd like to at least keep my friends
But that's just where the story thickens
Although I care and love too
That's not exactly what they do
All I ask is what I give
But i guess I've been a bad representative
I wish we can take it back to when we were both positive
Although the damage is irreversible
I can't help but to wonder how it got to this
If you look back then when the pictures were taken
I was happy and free but still very hated
Although then there was no reason too
I guess that's just society to you
Then I was ignorant and it was considered okay, I guess
Now I am still lacking In some departments but still trying my best
As this goes on I become more immune
But sometimes I break down and my only friend is the spoon
I know that's a bad excuse
But it reminds me of my time when I never considered abuse...

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