Brave Child

When the world has fallen
Carelessly landing
On your frail shoulders
Forcing you to your knees
Shattering all your dreams
Rise my brave soldier
Laugh at it's face
For she does not know you

She does not know your eyes
Deep and mournful
Full of quiet strength
Nor your battle worn hands
Tragically tainted in red
Nor your hardened feet
Whipped into shape by misery

She does not know your smile
Nor the brightness within
She does not know your old soul
Which has braved bitter storms
Rise my brave soldier
And laugh at her face
For she is ignorant to your power
And to your pain

And when the world
Spits at your face
And delights in your misery
Rise my brave soldier
Prove them all wrong
Show them that you can
And you will
And you have

And when you no longer find comfort
In the cold embrace of hypocrisy
When their pretty lies
Fall at your feet
And their broken promises
You wear on your skin
Stand tall my brave soldier
For you have survived

And when the world looses it's color
And the breeze is naught but a fiend
And the green is no longer beautiful
And the universe not endless
And dreams only imprison you
And freedom in nothing but a thought
Weep my brave child
Mourn what has been lost

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