I have been banished from this utopian land
Cursed to live amongst those beneath the sand
You may not understand
But I cannot take pride in where I stand
I am lost
But, at what cost?
I have caused a lot of loss
Mother, these drapes and curtains are more than torn
If reincarnation is ever my belief
Do I want to be reborn?
This life has no use for me
I'll break my spleen
As this universe observes me bleed
And the deed is brighter than the sun
I am on another level
The devil wrestles my temple
Injecting his thoughts into my narrow blood vessels
I scribble down his thoughts with my number two pencil
An anchor is attached to my ankle
I can no longer handle such pressure
I tremble as I pick through these green tall meadows
In order to find prickly thorns on dead rose petals
I shall put them on top of my coffin
Recreate another world
This one's already forgotten

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