You play your games you try to control the woman inside to tame!!!
Grab her shake her try to break her all the while she tries to resist your blame!!!
Your eyes of steely gray bare an evil presence of a well of despair!!!
Her spirit is full of grace that of which you try to break within an icy embrace!!!
She will break free battered n bruised with a spirit bent never broke for her you will be the joke!!!
Her scars and wounds are not seen worn on the inside in her world of the obseen!!!
You had your chance given tried and true all you knew was how to make her blue!!!
Her tears from the installed fear no longer exist to bind her wrists!!!
She is not your toy; you are just a boy!!! For which who has trapped a man who will never truly stand!!!
You beat her down not with fists, but with words of desperate twists!!
You take her on such an emotional trip and think you can keep her with in your grip!!!
No longer her hell she will be freed from her chains of never tell!!!
Her happiness will be found she will break free from her chains from which you bound!!!
No longer a child who has been bound, but a woman who broke free and has been found!!!

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