Break and Rebuild

A broken reflection.
Broken walls.
Broken Phone calls.
Broken home.
Broken and alone.
Broken words spoken.
Broken relationship.
Broken advice and tips.
Just broken.
But I can mend it with glue
The truth is when it comes crumbling down,
take it as a chance to rebuild the town.
Mistakes are a chance to learn.
Build a better structure.
If you put in work you get what you earn.
Don't admit defeat, Never give up.
That's what I was taught.
So I fight and I fought to survive.
I lay back and admire when planets collide.
Beautiful disasters.
Beautiful weather if its as small enough
to fit in a canister, Or big enough reside
in the universe. Diversity is dispersed, and
call it a curse or blessing, but nothing last forever,
just let that set in.

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