Break Away Tomorrow's Day

I look in the mirror,
My reflection just the same as it was,
When checked but an hour ago,
Wanting not just yours but the whole world’s applause,
And again I eye with weary over my shell,
Ignoring the wisps and rusty diamonds inside,
No, instead I focus on the pain lit eyes,
The only thing I can seem to hide,
For the long scar across my neck so pale,
Never seems to hinder and fade,
My cheeks not smooth enough for any star by name,
And so I will unsheath my shining, grace giving but not forgiving blade,
The one I keep tucked and stashed away,
So hidden even myself seems to get lost trying to locate it,
And cut away tomorrow's day,
I'm not the only one to blame

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This Poems Story

This is about a girl with both depression and dyslexia, who constantly thinks she is not enough for anybody, she will never be enough. She wants to be seen, heard, but nobody in the world really understands her. She struggles with these thoughts and feelings on her own, trying to hide them, but finally gives up, saying she isn't the only one to blame for killing herself and that if people really loved her they should have tried harder and made an effort.