Break, Brake, Gas

Putting on the brakes, waiting for big breaks, wanting people to break
Shrieking critics, side-liners, name-callers
Bandwagoning, finger pointing, shaming, blaming
Road rages, hits, runs
No response, be true, think freely
Open heart, step inside, refresh the mind
Get behind the wheel, cruise control, don’t break down
Past in the rear view, present in the moment, future on the horizon
Feel the bumps, taste the lumps, silence the chumps
Battle, bruise, scar, heal
Misstep, fall, break
Get up, carry on, move along
Character carving, mind mending, soul sweetening
Grasp change, be changed, evolve
Cast away doubt, avoid blame, refuse to excuse
Spotlight positives, accentuate action, story tell
Sharpen skills, create luck, endlessly pursue
Prepare, have purpose, find passion
Opportunity awaits the willing, the wonderers, the dreamers
Success honors the steady, the survivors, those who show up
Pump the gas, accelerate the dream, journey on
Crash through roadblocks, detour conformity, turn up the music
Soul head-lighting, instinct sharpens, heart steers
This wild ride fires the spirit with streets of satisfaction and roads of rewards

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