break free

and as you came in and out of my life
i let you break me, shatter me, hurt me.
you told me that you loved, yet all you
did was haunt me, day after day
in and out
in and out
you were here for a while but as i let my
dreams take over and you told me that
you loved me, you slowly crept out the
door, causing it to shatter. as i woke the
next morning, i realized you were gone.
in and out
in and out
the same cycle, over and over. yet whenever
you came back, instead of slamming the door shut
i gave you a new set of keys and let you back in.
in and out
in and out
and i let this go on for a while until it was too much. when i felt like i couldn't breathe every time i saw you knocking at the door again. the mere thought of you threw me into the dark. so i'm here and i'm ready now. to break free, of you and this cycle with these chains that tie back to you.

i will be free.

break free - ahtziri yamile 22818

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breaking free of a toxic relationship