Break Free

New day, new me.
Wait, is that how it's supposed to be?
You see, I'm living my life one day at a time.
But as each day passes, I feel as though my life ain't mine.
New day, new me. indeed.
Constantly switching up my characters and personalities.
That's not the right mentality.
You see society got me so messed up and pressed up about the minor flaws.
People are judging me, ripping away all of my confidence with their claws.
My last bit of hope hanging from their jaws.
Too scared to be myself that I play pretend.
A never ending fairy tale, the real me concealed by a shell.
Each new day a new role.
Someone set the scene.
This may sound obscene, but people in the world can be so mean.
Socializing is not my thing.
My fears and anxieties always bring my discomfort and awkward nature to light.
I am far too weak to put up a fight.
Fight versus flight but I still can't fly.
Not ready for take off, too scared of the sky.
The me that shines ever so bright in the stage light,
no fear in sight and not afraid to bite is not truly me.
The real me lies behind the scenes.
What you see on stage is all an act.
How will they all react when they discover it isn't true?
My real colors will be painted black and blue.
This illusion I have enchanted in you.
Who am I really or who did I use to be before I was consumed by all these fake personalities?
Somewhere inside, the real me lies buried beneath.
I'm not who I once was but this is me.
I must learn to live with these anxieties I carry with me.

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This Poems Story

A tale of losing yourself when trying to conform with societal "norms."