Break Free

I'm tired of living the same old life,
looking for something new to do.
perhaps, a change is what I need,
but fear of other's opinions;
tie me down.
I want to break out of my shell,
spread my wings and fly high;
touch the limits of the sky.
go beyond the heights;
to run wild.
Breaking down the barriers,
setting myself free,
soaring through the sky,
gliding through the waters,
flow along with time.
No chains can hold me down,
being obstreperous is what I want to do.
taking the risk of going too far,
becoming a daredevil;
to become fearless.
I will not withdraw from choosing a different path.
will never excuse for wishing to soar high in the sky!
I would not regret choosing myself,
because I got to take the way my destiny leads me to;
finally, break free.

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