Break It Down

OG got knowledge from the land of cush
Empires long forgotten
Descendants hearts hardened
Soul Starving for the truth
Do I have to break it down for you?
Let’s start in Jeremiah cause our societies on fire
Consumed with Oil the trillion dollar hustle
The trillion dollar struggle and a trillion dollar
Stroll with a trillion dollar toll on the Globe
Then comes weapons
Drugs come next after sex
People died over Royal Land they cant really own
Burdened by loans
Live like peasants
Life unpleasant
Leave behind nothing but bills to show for their lives
And work to death from the stress of success
Dying to survive
Where is Humility
The rarest images alive
People change for money even: you
Generations died to vote
Now it’s a joke
Back in day people got life sentences for just one smoke
Separate was equal in the Good Old Days
Slavery by another name
Same game
Abu Grab International
Take a powerful mind and make it lame
I feel pain like my skin bleeds
As I see widows grieve
From war profiteering, bio-engineering domineering
We need God Fearing
Or we are done

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