Break the Mold

What do you want out of life? What do you truly desire?
You’d probably say a house, wife, kids, job, cars, and maybe some pets
But if you told me that, I might call you a liar
That’s only what you’re supposed to want, what society wants you to need
This is your life, so go ahead and take the lead

I don’t want to keep us with the Jones’, they keep up a charade, at least I’m real
They buy material items to show off their status, but how do those items make them feel?
Probably not any better than the rest of us because we just go through the motions
If you asked me what I want to do, I’d say I want to be a beach bum and live by the ocean

Why do we do that to ourselves? Add all this pressure and stress
This is my life not yours, so why is your way the best?
It all may look perfect on the outside looking in, but inside it’s no less of a mess than mine
I think being forced to conform to society’s way of life should be a crime

It seems society wants to break you down, make you easy to control
That’s right, society wants you to shut up, fit in the mold, and play your little role
And anyone who breaks the mold and thinks outside the box is a danger
But I don’t want to look in the mirror and see a stranger

Let’s think on our own and form our own opinions, we can change the minds
We’re the next generation so we’re young enough to be able to change the time
Society can’t limit us, they can’t stop us, we can break their hold
This box is too small; we have to make it bigger, so let’s break the mold

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