Break Through

An undiscovered and evil-keeled husband belts out ear cracking tunes
He takes pleasure in his man-child delusions

A scarred wife wishes to express herself too, but her drawings are tossed away by the drunken fool
Signs of the artist’s self-worth never surface and the brush remains dry

When he mistreats the young ones, the mother bear instinct does not take over
Instead, she lives in justifiable fear

A child eventually arises and becomes an adult
The daughter is witty and strong
She throws back her father’s temper tantrums, and forces him to eat his own bile

The daughter’s desire is to cripple the insanity
To one day bear children and have a dedicated spouse
Where insults are discouraged, and love is encouraged

Over time, the wife envies and witnesses her child’s bravery
Then one early morning and without warning, she packs and takes flight
Splitting from her self-centered partner and destructive existence

The woman’s convictions are no longer squashed
Her paintings soon take on an expressive tone
Breaking through remnants of abuse, she shares it for all society to see

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Tags : #love, #relationship, #abuse, #inspiration, #child
Key Words : love

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