Break Ups

The day brightens
When most of the gardens are sleeping,
And only a few butterflies flutter
Near the end of summer
The air thickens
The heat hits the Earth intensely
A cloudy day is the planet’s safe haven
To keep from flames of fire, the Earth needs those dark times
Can we all not somehow relate?
Every goodbye, brings us closer to God
The endings are the beginnings of our inner selves
The worst people come while the best people go
The worst things happen, and the best things never do
Why are we still so bitter?
Am I the only one sick and tired of being sick and tired?
I Love the Earth
And every inch of existence in this planet’s arms
Join the revolution of loving yourself
To fight doubt, think about the weather
Does the weather ask what to be?
Or does God hold the artist’s palette to the sky’s colors?
The answer is yours to locate
And the journey will show God to be the everlasting Love
Now go out and enjoy the World
Before the summer ends

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