Something was wrong when the sun didn't peak through my window shade.
As the nurse called breakfast I lifted my head,
Still feeling groggy from The night before.
I put my head back down but knew if I didn't eat now,
I wouldn't until later.
I forced myself up and dragged my feet to the cafe.
As I walked in,
I saw my seat was sat in and the boy I like didn't look up.
I got my tray and sat next to my seat.
I wasn't as funny.
I wasn't as pretty.
I wasn't as smart.
I wasn't as confident.
I wasn't as interesting.
I wasn't me.
Is it because the sun was being blocked from my eyes by darks clouds?
Is it because of the medications I'm on?
Is it because I'm depressed?
Or is it because:
I'm not funny.
I'm not pretty.
I'm not smart.
I'm not confident.
I'm not interesting.
Is it because of the missing sun?
Or is it just breakfast?

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