Breaking a Heart, Even my own 💔

I have a mouth I can't open,
Yet I have so much to say,
So I'll take this pen and paper,
And let my thoughts convey...
I don't want to let you go,
But I can't let you stay,
It's not fair to keep you around,
I have to push you away,
It's time I tell you the truth,
I can't have things my way.... not anymore,
Losing you would hurt me,
But keeping you around will hurt you,
The question is whose feelings will I sacrifice,
What will I do?
As much as I love you,
And don't want you to hurt,
Our feelings aren't the same,
And I'm done dragging your heart in the dirt,
I really tried,
I tried to fall in love with you,
But unlike mine,
Your feelings are true,
I wanted to be with you,
And sometimes I still do,
But it's unfair for me to keep doing this,
You deserve someone who is in love with you,
I should've let you go long ago,
But I couldn't get myself to do it,
As much as this will pain me,
I've got to go through with this,
You deserve so much better than me,
It's time you see that,
Our hearts are in two different places,
I have to find where mine is at

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