Breaking Barriers

I would find myself in the past sitting in my room thinking to myself about how much I hate living

Day after day I felt like a mistake on this notebook canvas of stories where nothing is guaranteed and pain is not forgiven

People would look at me so strange as if I didn't belong

I was that Blackbird that wanted to fly like Nina Simone's song

My wings were clipped by constant sharp hatred

My feelings were naked
With no clothing in this world freezing to death walking with suicide
I know I wasn't going to make it

I use to have dreams of dying having nightmares falling continously down a well

Waking up sweating as if I ran a marathon Satan had me up under his spell

I really had to fight not with my fist but with my soul
Because God and the devil had plans for me
My eyes had to many tears to see what direction I wanted to go

I had to weigh my options very closely knowing both had different pleasures
Fragile but strong I had to take drastic measures

So I chose God to be my rock
From that point I learned
how to break barriers

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This Poems Story

This is a poem I thought of while I was at work thinking about how far I've come because even though I been through my share of frustrations I had to show my appreciation for the struggle and how it was my inspiration.