Breaking Chains

Submerged under meters of dark sadness that absorb every trace of stars
In a desperate and intense battle against my mirror reflection
In spite of being accompanied, loneliness became my unique companion
Trapped like a black and white canary chained in a cage
Hoping to spread his fragile wings and reach the top of the green hills.

And when I could no longer bear the burden, I shot him
At last, I had achieved to shoot the unfortunate Canary
However, he didn't die. Bullets do not traverse mirrors
The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face
His blood was the match that lit the flame inside me
His broken sobs brought my unshakable spirit afloat hidden in shadows
My vulnerability disappeared, but selfishness emerged
And since my cage did not open, my wings hardened.

The void enveloped my mind in the deep blackness
Trying to obliterate every ounce of the past, my determined gaze fell
Selfishness led me to a search for truth, showing me different paths
This caught me in a confusing labyrinth, trying to climb my green hills
Your arrival from our etymon guided me to the exit
You’ve reached into my hollowness, and you filled it with true feelings
You create the warmth in my soul, that keeps carmesí my eyes.

There is no light without darkness
And now the light consume the darkness of my feathers
All ties and doubts were left behind when I came near to my nest
Finally, the canary opened its wings and took flight
He left the cage and broke his chains
I reach the top of my green hills.

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