So this is what a breakdown feels like.
Piece of paper, please help me!
When she turned around, it was missing.
It was heartbreaking.
In the season of spring, the birds returned.
This year she loved to hear them.
Last year she wished they were all dead.
To the cold, lonely season of winter, she was overly dedicated.
Was I put on to this Earth just to suffer?
Was I born into the World just to have my voice stolen?
The woman finally found her journal.
She made writing in it her sole journey.
She felt so much better.
Every letter made her feel a little bit less bitter.
By the end of last year, she was writing a poem everyday!
She got up in the morning for her and Poetry’s date!
The breakdown led her to her life’s true purposes.
She’d build herself instead of life’s possessions!
The only thing she had left to give was her heart.
Because she knew everything else would disappear in the midst of a breakdown.
So her and the piece of paper grew breaking down into higher bounds.
In the end, the two could say, “Hey, this whole breakdown thing wasn’t half bad.”

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