Breaking Free

Breaking Free

My feet found themselves at the edge of a lake.
Why? I wondered.
Why was society being so harsh on me?
The wind pulled me out of my thoughts as it howled. Woosh
The trees swayed like skeletons, the cloudless sky gloomed upon me.

I wanted to run
Run as far as I possibly could.
I couldn’t bear the box that I was made to fit into.
I wanted to break through!

I started to sprint.
The trees swished past me as I left the darkness
I felt the wind pushing against me, yet I kept running!

The moon glowed brightly in the sea of dark,
The lights twinkled in front of my eyes!

Finally, I spread my wings and began to fly,
I broke the bubble that kept me confined!
All of the years,
This is what I’ve wanted
To be free!

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