Breaking Free

Picking up the pieces now, putting myself back together
reflecting on the journey, my God it seemed like forever
I can't be mad or upset about all this wasted time
there's no use in regret, the path I chose was mine
you know when you're ready and when the time is right
no one else can decide how you live your life
I've learned so much from this, I come out even stronger
I can slowly see myself again, not hiding any longer
sometimes it was just easy to go on day by day
as if nothing had changed, as if I were okay
I tried to ignore it, I hated what we became
but no matter what I did the facts remained the same
I knew what I had to do though finding strength was tough
I knew we could not be saved, I knew I had enough
now looking back on what I've done I smile inside and out
this is exactly where I should be, I know without a doubt
sometimes it's hard to admit your plans have all failed you
it's difficult to wash the slate and simply start a new
it took some time to decide when I would walk away
but I knew I deserved more and dreamt to see the day
I know now to always reach for the happiness I desire
to never settle for less and to keep climbing higher
I know my worth and what I want, I know I'll find it too
I have faith in my new journey I'll be walking without you
so goodbye to you and all our time, I need to turn the page
it's time I walk freely now and break loose of your chains

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