Breaking in Two

Hickory dickory dock tick tock tick tock tick tock
All the world is smiley mouth and sweet talk
Tick tock tick tock tick tock speaks the clock on the wall
As the sun languidly rises and the moon silently falls
Swallowing down days that temporally pass us by
Over and under and between taffy blue skies

Oh why oh why
Don't I remember and why can't I recall
Why lost friendships took a great big fall
Next to humpty dumpy off the brick wall
Smashing them into itty bitty pieces
Oh so very small

Oh why oh why
Does there come a time in everyone's life
When memories become still photographs
Pasted so carefully inside fading scrapbooks
Where strangers silently turn their pages
Like ghosted dreams of days long past

Oh I know it's so sad
Childhood dreams rode away on pretty horses
Midnight butterflies flew away away away away
Flew away from you into skies that were blue
Still pull your heart out and put it on display
'Cause you don't have to be so alone
No one has to be all alone (if they don't want to)

And love tonight is breaking the world in two
As the sun plays musical chairs with the moon
The day leaves the night comes
Sleeping they live inside my head
Where life's imagination dwells
So far below the evening sky
My wandering mind dreaming
My traveling soul seeking
Enchanted I sleep in neverland
What will I dream I do not know
The fragments fly away like chaff
Yet strange my mind is tickled so
I cannot help but laugh at all that has past
Yet strange my mind is saddened so
I cannot help but cry at all that has died

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