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I don't understand it
This world is so demandin
One tweet caused so much damage
One knee started a movement
The gov can’t stand to be seen losin’
That’s why they can’t handle
What we [blacks] bring to the table
They’ll brand us with a haunting label
‘Destined for a stone cold jail
Send letters of love in the mail
1 million dollar bail’

What I see on TV
Just don’t sit right with me
What happened to
‘and the home of the free’?
Did I misread that phrase?
Nowadays, the only ones that’s truly ‘free’
aren’t those that look like me.
‘Free’ - just as white as a black mans ashy knees
when I read the newspaper
‘Anotha brotha shot dead’
all i see is red

Families left shaken, cause
Their loved ones life’s been taken
We’re willing and we’re able
Been chained since Cain and Abel
I am standing up
to give a toast
this poem is not meant to roast
I simply want to say
that like Sam Cooke said,
‘our change is gonna come’
though it won’t be easy
the thought of what my people have been
sort of makes me queasy
but I’m giving a heads up
try to look at things from my angle,
the chains on my people
will soon be untangled.

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This Poems Story

This is an addition to my book of poems. I put all the feelings I have about racial issues in today’s society into words.