Breaking News!

(Broadcast of the millennium)

Two thousand plus years ago
With humanity bleeding
Crimson with mind-boggling sin,
God to the rescue descended
Spotless and transcendent.
A soul-cleansing Metaphysician
Exorcised He the devil-possessed
And made heaven-worthy the soul;
A master Physician-Healer
Cured He the diseased-stricken
And raised the dead Lazarus
Back to life from the tomb.

He expounded as none before Him
God-inspired salvation messages,
With parables of divine wisdom
That confounded the hypocrites,
Shattered false doctrines
And made even the skeptics believe
Opening the pathway to heaven.

He was immortal:
Beaten and bruised
He was crucified
On the cross at Calvary,
Pierced with nails and swords
The blood that gushed out
Cleansed us of our iniquities.
With His physical death we died
And resurrected with Him
To life eternal.
And this Good News still is
The Breaking News
2000 plus years after!
What a profound wonder.

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