Breaking Point

Mob of the angry and the sad Pushed back and undermined We fight for just one step But we're losing our minds Held back by batons and smoke bombs Blinded by the light and debri You try to help me but you're worse off than me I try to help you but I'm worse off than you Everyone's pain mixed together Trapped in here Swirling and circling like boiling rice Stuck in one general place The desire to help everyone When I need someone's shoulder to stand I'm screaming inside while I convince you that you're fine It's all just one crazy lie I fall to my hands and knees Like an animal I scream Apologizing but losing it at the same time I become the beast that's inside my mind

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This Poems Story

Most of my poetry comes from the distress and darkness I faced in my adolescence. When the world broke me down I would disappear into my mind and only come back once I had writeen something. Often I'd have no memory of writing it. This particular poem is about the struggle of trying to help others who were burdened by the world's cruelness while trying unsuccessfully to keep myself sane. There is little hope written in this poem but poetry itself was my hope.