Breaking Point

Im on the edge about to fall,
My fingers slipping, gripping tight to the wall.
"Dont let go", screaming throughout my head,
Hanging in there by a thread.
My body exhausted,twisted in pain,
My head overloaded going insane.
Why cant I pull myself back up to the top;
Because it would be easier to just let go and drop.
Let go of frustration, worries, and stress...
Life would be easier I must confess.
Ive held on this long throughout my years,
Winding and wearing down all my gears.
Im at my breaking point more each day...
But its only my fault and its time to pay.
Its so hard to do nothing as your world crumbles apart.
It crushes and shatters my already wounded heart.
I hurt more and more each day that goes by,
Clutching my face, I start to cry.
I just dont understand why I was chose to carry all this weight.
Perhaps its a curse or maybe just fate.

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