Breaking the Cycle: Part One

I was brought into the world, a miracle birth;
A young woman fought for the life of two.
I had an innocent outlook on life
For five years of a blissful memories.
He was surrounded by machines and confused eyes-
This is my first memory of love and loss.
She was trapped in the cycle of the Fathers' father,
she herded to the hay like the cows afar.
Her own thought-process was buried with one memory:
With a young boy painted in his image,
The flood gates of hell was released.
I stood observing nothing in the shadows,
As I became a man.
Dark clouds will fill the sky with me
If the question is ever risen up.
The perceptive young boy gave himself for her
The last time;
It was an experience to build inner-strength like no other.
As the lyric's to"The World is Hell" play,
The struggle to break the cycle has begun.
The first objective is complete
With a list etched in stone in my hand:
The sins' of the father had to be buried.
Sharp stones cut my knees along the way
Before I stared into the sinful grave.
After seventeen years, an unfamiliar light approaches...
The door opens, and an angel rescues me from the flames.
The choice to follow the rainbow has been taken;
My soul was transformed by pure love.

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