Breakthrough (don’t Do It)

Here all over again dangling from my chipping edge
I feel I've lost footing through this mentality
Forgetting my basis of a prolonged voluntary existence
Not for the heeding of a particular moment but,
The extinction of every bleeding ear once so eager to feel me
Now I'm standing solo as my instigated bitterness is scoffed
And the negativity goes through me devouring my every pore
Casting away all gossip satellites to subjects of pretentiousness
Vigorously breaking this enchantment of disillusion
The cramps on my hands and in my mind agreed mercy on me
Now I note my visit behind the wall, beyond my cast shell
Quite close to catching hell in an endless chain of stairwells
Of every step I fell through I was almost I was almost forgotten
Back to my assumed destiny where a tree holds my
As my toes catch a breeze in midnight flashes awaking to ashes
My breath is lost
Can I no longer be felt am I endangered by my own rival
Should I fear myself of infliction
Proven more vicious than the lashes of infancy from others
As for this tree my subconscious round trip to a joyful lead
Appearing to have no knowledge of it's eternal strength
But of it's weakened branches
And the roots seemingly losing it's vivaciousness.

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