You smelled like Sharpies and Windex
I've been trying to get the smell of you off my skin
I showered until my skin was red
and I've been scratching at my arms
'cause I can still feel your hands on me
but now you're just stuck under my fingernails
and I've been drinking mouthwash
'cause I can still remember the way your lips taste
but maybe I need something stronger
and I've been looking through my old notebooks
ripping out all the love poems about you
I don't want my books full of lies
and I've been wearing your old sweatshirts
they turned into my home away from home
and I've been getting' kind of homesick
but I'm also kind of sick of home
I could never find rest in you
being with you felt like being on a non-stop roller coaster
but the fun only lasts so long
before it turns back into fear

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