Breath Of Life.

I grew up a child of darkness
And I suffocated in my nightmares,
But I've always been certainly brazen.
I boarded up my windows as a little girl
To block out my fear and bad memories.
How did I live life with darkness by my side?

One day when my fear turned its back
After years in my dark room,
I keeked outside the boards
To glare into something I thought was amazing.
Nothing could have been more...
Tremendous in my young years.

With my bare hands,
I was determined to remove the boards
With energy I've never experienced.
My fingers were bloody and my room went bright
As I watched darkness collapse.

I stood there amazed at how beautiful it was.
I've never been so tempted to reach out.
Reached out to the place where my fear resided.
The beams warmed my freezes.
I climbed out of my window and walked towards the sun.
I've never notice how green the grass was.
And through all nights of suffocation from nightmares,
I've never known the true definition of oxygen.

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