Breath of You

I don't write in the language of logical love
I don't write from a place of hope and trust
though my heart bleeds the verses
each contact, each lust
life feeds me lines that my soul long rehearses
I shatter the dance floor, seeking one person.

Taking in stride, the silence that greets me
broken by lines that serve to seduce me
and feed me, nourish the depths of my longing
grasping each note that floats in the morning
creeping below inhibitions, slip free
I shatter the stillness, heeding all warning.

Reading the depths of another soul
desperate to be the one that makes you whole
crawling on knees that bleed, a hoop to spin the web
take me as I am, I hope you never will forget
Korbel coated lips beneath fluorescent light
a night unlike another, every minute taking flight.

Crawling within a blank space of aching
my voice floats upon each shadow it's breaking
blending the concept of fate and pure tragedy
in the minutes forsaken, fear destined for agony
Collapsing in pieces, fading from view,
With every moment passing, I release a breath of you.

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