Minutes before my existence my mother was first told to breathe
To keep pushing and remain breathing.
Breathing was the one thing that helped you focus on your strength,
and your lack of breath is what also exposed you to your weakness.
Breathing brought fourth the two most humanly qualities we carry,
our strength and weakness.
From day one of my life, it was a natural instinct to breathe.
Breathing is what brings us forward to our future
but somehow along the lines
we lose sight on how important a simple thing such as breathing is.
No matter what at the end of the day
when I had lost myself in my own frustration
and battles within myself,
you would simply tell me to inhale deeply,
and exhale all the frustrations,
to let go and breathe in life and happiness.
Learn to forgive and forget and accept
all through the power of ones own breath.
Control of our breath,
means control of our mind, body, spirit, and power of oneself.
You taught me to never forget that
and to always remember to simply just "breathe"
because at the end of the day
breathing Is what fills our lungs and body
with life and another day of existence.

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