As I close my eyes and take my last breath
I think about my lifetime though only seconds are left
The people I affected rather it was good or bad
The hard times I endured and the precious moments I had
I never thought I'll be looking back this quick when I die
I know it doesn't have wings but man time sure flies
I remember when I was young dumb and full of energy
Didn't want to go to sleep but now I love plenty
Stayed up the latest my mother and father would let me
Posing in the mirror no one could tell me I wasn't sexy
Then I learned responsibility grew older and got a job
I wanted my own money so working was never hard
But the money came slow so I tried other options
But after nearly getting arrested it was easy for me to stop it
Different things I remember a lot of history was made
Opportunities came I had to get out of the shade
And stand in the sunlight so I could be noticed
Because even though I was middle the child I felt like the oldest
But those times are gone and I can't bring it back
And I'm not stretching the truth I'm just stating the facts
I can hear my love ones crying and I smile in peace
I'm going to miss them though but it's time I joined the deceased
I lived a long life so my advice as death draw nearer,
live your life to the fullest with no rear view mirrors!

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