You can run, but you can’t hide…
Fear is an emotion that is kept on the back burner of life.
Yet, is always ready to strike when you least expect it.
Breathe… Breathe.

It captivates you. Pulling you closer until you become one.
You drown in the emotion...
Distraught over feelings of agitation or woe.

Your once calm life becomes a whirlwind of emotions that suck you in.
Your stomach twists in knots.
Your head is spinning.
Everything is out of control.
Out of your control.

Fear is like water to a sponge.
It fills you so completely, blocking off access to your surroundings.
It’s a constant of reminder of everything that is wrong.
So utterly wrong.

The water rushes through you, clearing away
All feelings of hope.
All feelings of assurance.
All feelings of togetherness.
Breathe… Breathe.

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