As I stare at these trees and these fallen leaves
I forget to breathe.
The air gets thin I remember where I’ve been,
I remember all my sins.
I can’t seem to remember any good memories.
Instead, I sit on the floor for centuries.
Do you remember me?
Do you remember that I was ok once?
Now as I still forget how to breathe,
I fall to my knees.
I cry hour after hour.
My chest tightens, there is no light, there is no happiness, and there will never be happiness for me.
But you won't agree.
This is taking forever 20 minutes have gone by.
You say to try.
Try with what I have nothing left.
This was my 3 panic attack this week,
Hopefully my last.
They seem to get worse.
Bring around the Hearse.
When I can’t breathe you’ll see the fear in my eyes
Not remembering my Disguise I lose my smile.
And cry for a while until I say goodbye.

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