Breathe, one breath after another, a task so simple that it requires no thought, at least for most. The human body was designed to stay alive. But if this is real and if it true then let me ask if my body wants so badly to live, why is my mind begging to die? If my body is meant to breathe and to thrive why is it a constant battle just to try and stay alive? There is a war waging within the walls of my mind, a war that has more than two sides. A side willing to try and take another breath, a side who has lived its last day and can’t bear to be alive, and a side that doesn’t care for the battle's outcome but only wishes to hide. To hide behind the pain, behind the emptiness of every painstaking day, the side that is burring me so deep into this early grave. Deeper and deeper the shovel digs, chipping away at anything that might make me want to win. So breathe they say as if it requires no thought or will, but it is taking everything I have within me to not kneel and surrender to the kill.

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