everyone's watching.
watching as their lungs fill with air.
watching , but not seeing what’s actually happening.
they think you’re swimming.
above the water.
but your lungs fill with water as you are pulled down by all of the weight that you are carrying.
being drug down by things that you’ve been dealing with.
drug down by all your emotions.
all of your hurt.
someone sees you.
they aren’t blind to what’s happening.
they see that you are actually drowning.
they see all your hurt and sorrow.
they jump in to save you.
save you from yourself and all the things that are weighing you down.
they bring you to the shore.
your lungs become empty of all the water.
air fills your lungs.
you can breathe.
for the first time in a very long time.
you can actually breathe.
breathe without having to fight all the weights.
breathe without having your lungs fill with water.
it's still hard to breathe.
things cannot just magically get better.
but it’s a start.
it’s a start to a better life.
a life without drowning alone.
a life where there’s hope.
hope that one day..
one day you won’t have to struggle to breathe.
you can just simply..

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