The heat sparks to life inside my soul
My thoughts become jumbled
An unknown force slowly begins ripping my heart to shreds
But all I can do is breathe
Pain etches itself on my face
Tears well up as my big brown irises ask why
A sacrifice for one causes the utmost pain
But all I can do is breathe
I try to break the heat that has covered me entirely
Allow my mind to simmer
Allow my heart to piece itself back together
But all I can do is withhold the fire
Until the glass burst
This unnatural fire coursing through my veins
Taking my rage higher and higher
My mind and heart are heated with an unnatural fire
But to everyone else I am cold
It's unsettling
It's damaging
It's unnecessary
But I am told to breathe
How do I breathe when knives of betrayal made their homes in my back
When my lover has shaken the very foundation of my soul
How am I supposed to breathe
When he has stolen the air from my lungs
And the love from my heart

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