breathe life

I used to think I was only as deep as my wounds went
I used to think life meant meaningless pain
Climbing Mountain after mountain
barefoot in the rain
Bruised and bloody
So spent and warped I forgot my own name
I used to think love meant use me
Keep me around
Insecure jealous
Ashamed and bound
I used to think freedom meant lawless
Chaos tormented me
Lay wake in bed at night to imagine God forgetting me

How many cheap lies did I tell
and how many I believed
To feel like no one bled out and died for me
I went on living lifeless
When all I'd ever need
Was waiting on the altar
right there for me
I could hear him calling
Begging me to look up
Its for you
it's all for you
But I could only feel my cuts
I couldn't take it anymore
Jesus how could you love me when you left me here to die
Jesus looked down from the cross
and said have eternal life
He broke my chains and dragged me out
From my hell away from hell
burned and broken
blind and dumb
He told me to rise
and walk

Now I'm lost in this love
And trust
True love without boundaries conditions or lust
True love without buts
But I love you that's why I'm jealous
But I have needs
But I was drunk

With Him there is no heartache with Him there are no lies
From him I will never run
With him I will never die
Everyday I am baptized
With every breath I take
I breathe eternal life

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