we wander through open fields
breathless and tired and free-your feet
are sore and cracked from the terrain
you keep walking, pulling me
up up up
towards the sky and what only you can see
i try to tell you to breathe but you just tug
my hand in the direction of your surprise-
you say i'm going to love it more than
i love you and when you kiss me i remember
the way we fell in love like the world didn't exist
didn't think you were crazy
didn't tell me i deserved someone better
there is no one better it's just you and your
breathless love in the dawn of summer
dragging me through an
open field my heart connected to you by
our hands which rest in your palm
and i love the way you smile
the way you touch my hair as you think
the way you look at the sky in awe-
i was dreaming of another world but i
dream no more for my dreams are real:
they are you and your surprises in
the sunrise

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