Simply put, you take my breath away.
And not just in the way,
Colours weave a tapestry in the sky,
As they say goodnight to the warmth of the sun.
Or the way a heart beat, carried across the ocean,
Pounds against the ribs of the shore.
But in the way,
A cold wind envelops my lungs.
In the way a tree sheds its colours,
To survive the winter nights.
Or the way gravity has no seasons.
You take my breath away consistently,
Rapidly and unknowingly.
Precious breaths that belong to another,
Yet somehow exhale your name.
Blue eyes of denial, trapped for miles,
Still find their way to you.
No it wasn't the first day I saw you,
Or the first day I loved you, that I regret.
It's the day you took my breath away,
And never gave it back.

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