Breathless Beauty

As I walked downhill to the garden I built
The soft wind and sky before me
I looked ahead and saw the gate
Its iron doors protecting its beauty
I strolled on in and walked the path
My eyes and speech in awe
The amazing beauty I encountered
Was nothing, I'd ever saw
I stopped a moment and took a breath
The type you take in calm
I knew the trees and majestic sight
God held it in his palm
I know a lot of places
On earth, my God's designed
I felt I'd seen the best of best
Til God's promise changed my mind
Everything God's created
On earth and in the sky
We stand amazed at what He's sculptured
Just for you and I
When time's no more and I go home
To my mansion in the sky
It's then the Lord will show me
"Breathless beauty," from on high

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This Poems Story

I absolutely love writing and have for many years. I had an English teacher that once told me that I was very deep. The precious Lord tells me what to write about by giving me a title of the poem or song first. Then we write all about that title together.