They call us breeders, useless Eaters
Now that they have our Gold
Were a Lia-bil-ity
We paid their bills, for many years
We are their slaves its plain to see
They call us Breeders ,useless Eaters
It's their plan to weed us out, Each and every one.
But sticks and stones can break my bones
And can blow your head off with my gun
So keep scheming, it good for you
Well keep dreaming, and breeding too!
Cuz you ain't had fun, till your young son,throws a ball to you.
Technology can't replace reality
In fact, it is a poor substitute.
There's nothing like the feeling
Of coming home, to the wife and kids
There's nothing like the feeling of holding your new baby.
And growing old with your family, that's just the way it is.

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