The cool breeze from the north blows through my hair
Through the flowers in the meadow by the house
Through the creek where I spent my summers as a child
I can hear my mother's voice calling me home.

I smell the smell of rain
I hear the boom of thunder
As loud as the roar of a lion.
I see lightning shoot across the midnight sky
As bright as the world's brightest flashlight
"Thunder is the lighting talking,"my mom always told me

Rain falls from gray clouds above making me shiver
I can feel the cold breeze
And the sound of the shaking of trees
As father came home, I could hear his keys
Hugging him tight as the lightning strikes
The breeze blowing through the door

"Don't be scared," my mother tells me.
The storm will end and I will be happy
The wind, rain, thunder, and lightning will end
Everything will end and you will be happy.
"It's just a little storm. It will be over soon,"
My mother says.

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