Bremerton Fairy

Her hair was red, long
thick with gold and blonde.
Shining she possessed compulsive sexuality.
Like rays of horny sap and sticky with wet skin.
She was desperately in love with me.
I was with her.
Her body moved like mother earth.
A bulge of life turned slow around her aura.
Men fell and drooled when she smiled.
She vomited alone in the bathroom after she ate.
Then sucked me off as we drove to Seattle.
101 from San Diego up the cost.
Sandy beaches and sun like her California body
laid out for me to explore.
She groped at my willingness and poured over my creativity.
We drove and fell for each other
barley staying on the road.
A wrong turn toward Bremerton and the car broke and stopped.
2:00 fairy from Bremerton to Seattle
and we could plan our life.
We stood with our bodies close
at the front of a rain soaked fairy.
Wind blew but we created our own heat.
Around the cliff the motors turned up
Puget Sound.
Out of the rain we saw Settles skyline.
We were alive.

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