Brenda’s Beautiful Garden

I could Pick a dozen fine roses,Or fill a room to the rim,
With the most sought after petals, desired by man.
But me I will settle for a secret best kept,
For I have the rarest, most precious, and valuable yet.
I don't just fancy the petals, although they glisten and shine,
I admire most the roots,yes the roots of this treasure of mine.
A petal's a petal, and a stem can be cut,
But the roots of a flower are what make what grows up.
From the roots grow the petals desired by all,
And without a foundation they'd whither and fall,
I admire your beauty, your sparkle, and shine.
But hold closest and dearest what stands still in time.
For the secret best kept that I so choose to share,
Is these flowers for picking did not grow from air.
Your beauty returns greater and stronger each year, and in time.
your garden of flowers has roots,not just roses Keep this in Mind
And there is nothing at all that makes a flower so keen,
That's why I'm Sharing You, My mother, with the world you see.
As I come from a garden that grows under the sun,
And each flower is wild and unique, for there are many, not just one.

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