Brick Houses In The Rain

It is May and the rain is so heavy
I feel like I'm drowning with it.
I crawl out of bed these days with
what feels like multiple brick houses,
foundation and all, pressed on my back.
I never look forward to summers because they
force me to reflect, to relax.
How can I relax when there is a thunderstorm inside me?

Aunt Tara tells me to hush, reminds me that
last summer, there was a hurricane inside me.
I argue, I storm.
While thunder and lightning are less damaging,
it is still raining inside.
It is still cold.

Still, the world turns
and the sun shines out my window,
if only briefly.
I continue to get out of bed,
dragging my brick houses behind me,
trying to find good thoughts to inhabit them.

After all, moving brick houses builds strength
and rain makes the flowers grow.

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This Poems Story

Thea Touchton is primarily an actress, but has always had an interest in poetry. Thea is working on her BFA in Theater Arts. This is the second poem she has had published due to a poetry contest. She would like to thank her teachers Linda Hughes and Jayme McBride for teaching her all about acting and accessing her emotions. She would also like to give a shoutout to her boyfriend and kittens as well as her grandma for always being there for her.