Bridge Of The Heart's Journey

Bridge Of The Heart's Journey

Beloved Ones Within The Spiritual Journey Presents Themselves From Time To Time
An Invitation Of Crossing, From One State To The Other

From Glory To Glory From FaithTo Faith Perception Even A Reflection Of Invisible Bridges

Stands A Profitable Angel Whom God has given In Form Of Man To Keep Our Feet From Slipping Guiding Our Steps Within The Light Of The Holy Word

Bridges Are both Physical And Spiritual Intwined With Regards Of Safety
Sinking In High Places We Aren't Ready For The Crossing

One Must Recognize A Spiritual Bridge That Leads to The Greater Good Through Resonance An Inner Sensibility The Way Offered Opens Possibilities

For The Heart And Soul An Offer Awaiting The Bridge Of Passing A Sence Of Relief And Of Truth That Says :Here Is The Rain On A Parched Land

The Kind That Says:Here Is My Love Here Is Your Way Home
Possibilities At Times Seem One Way To One And Another Way To Others

A Heart Rises To Join It's Beloved No Longer A Separation Wether, In The Valley Or The Mountain Top

The Way To Cross These Bridges To Incorporate Into Life's Mistakes To Grow And Make Proper Changes Challenges Can Become Blessings

When The Heart has Been Prepared The Bridge Will Appear, Giving Inner Clarity Hearing Where Love, Truth Live

Spiritual Bridges Must Not Only Offer Truth But Bridges To Know Love

Be Willing To Step Upon Your Bridge Of Crossing, Into All Possibilities

Your Guarding Angel Awaits To meet You

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Through physical and spiritual there's a bridge we can cross to safety